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Mobile Commerce Daily
"Mobile is most effective advertising medium to drive transactions"
By Dan Butcher
November 15, 2010

Chetan Sharma is the founder and president of Chetan Sharma Consulting
REDMOND, WA – The keynote speaker at a Microsoft workshop said that mobile is the most effective advertising medium to drive consumers through the purchase funnel, from reach, targeting and engagement to viral spread and transactions.

Mobile advertising is already a multibillion dollar industry, according to a September Zenith Optimedia study, and by 2013, there will be more people accessing the Internet via mobile devices versus desktop PCs. More than 50 percent of the devices sold by carriers in the U.S. are smartphones, leading to engagement on mobile that is quite high—consumers are spending almost 5 minutes of average session time with mobile campaigns.

“Mobile is not just a high-volume personal fashion statement that is always on you, but it is also location- and context-aware, which makes it different from other mediums,” said Chetan Sharma, president of Chetan Sharma Consulting, Issaquah, WA. “Mobile is also unique in that it has built-in payment mechanisms.

“Looking at mobile, the PC Internet, TV, print, radio and outdoor, mobile is the most effective advertising medium due to its unique characteristics,” he said. “My belief is that over the long haul, mobile is the most effect advertising medium in terms of reach, targeting, viral spread and audience engagement, all of which lead to transactions.