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Your own website
A two-page website that tells about your business, the products you sell or services you offer. The pages will showcase everything there is to know about your business, expertise or profession. Also included are your business address, contact information and phone numbers where customers can call you with a click of a finger.  We can post a one picture/photo (to be provided by customer in JPG, GIF or PNG format). Whether you are a dentist, a restaurant owner, a car repair shop operator or a handyman, you & your business are likely to be found on the internet through Google, Yahoo or any other search engines.

Your own Domain Name
We can register your own preferred domain name (based on availability).  Think of a short domain name and one that would be easy to remember. There is a  minimum $15.00 annual registration and renewal fee for domain names. 

Your own mobile website
Clearly mobile website is the smartest marketing tool you should have in this digital age. Statistics showed that smart phones were the most purchased electronic gadget for the year 2010. Why?  Because with smart phones people can go on the internet wherever they may be; they can search the internet for the nearest restaurants of their choice, the nearest gas station, or any store that has an online presence. In other words, your smart phone has become your portable & reliable companion for any information you may need. It's like a yellow-page book, a dictionary, a set of encyclopedia all rolled into one. Your mobile website will consist of two pages:
  • Landing page - This will be the home page where you have a brief introduction of who you are, what business you are in, your profession, your experience, your specialization, etc. Also included will be your contact information such as a phone number (which visitors can
    touch to call without dialing your number), business address (with a special feature of providing driving directions to reach a specific destination, such as your store, clinic, or office, from wherever your customers are coming from). Your landing page also includes a customized banner.

  • Second page - This page will consist of the products or services you offer, special promos of your store or any upcoming events. This page will also include your contact information similar to the landing page.
    Combo package:

    Initial set-up cost: $200.00 (website and mobile site)
    * Charges apply for any updates or changes in your website. Cost would vary between $25.00 - $50.00 per update.

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